China Glass Vase Manufacturers

Glass Vase

Artificially blown glass vases can be made according to customer requirements.
We can produce glass vases of various colors and calibers.

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China Glass Candle Holder Manufacturers

Glass Candle Holder

Candlesticks of different shapes decorate your life.
Manual blown glass candleholder, supporting personalized customization.

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China Glass Flower Room Manufacturers

Glass Flower Room

Produce hand-made glass flower houses and provide a wide range of shapes, sizes and colors for customers to choose from glass flower house.

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China Glass Cutlery Manufacturers

Glass Cutlery

Glass is the safest packaging materials.
Glass tableware mainly includes: glass wine cup, glass bowl, sobering device, cake cover.

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Glassware News

Our progress on Glassware.......

History 15 years

Customers in 35 countries

More than 400 employees

6 glass furnaces